concept & philosophy

We are a family-run company and feel personally connected to our customers and projects. With more than 25 years of industry knowledge and know-how in the real estate and construction industry, we have specialized with Eco Module in covering the growing demand for small, affordable houses in the style of the well-known tiny houses.

With our concept of the Eco Module, we are on the move internationally and can both fulfill the dream of private customers and realize larger modular house systems for different usage variants together with investors.

Our goal is to create affordable small and modern living space. We can do that both as a second home/ holiday home with ours Basic models as well as a house that can be lived in all year round /365 Living with our premium models.

Our offices can be found in the historic old town of Zell with a view of the Moselle, the Hunsrück town of Kastellaun and the state-approved tourist resort of Oberwesel am Rhein. There we offer you the opportunity to get to know us and to get an idea of our offer and service. You are also welcome to visit our Model house in Peterswald.

Peter Lichtherte (founder of EcoModule)

plug & play

The term plug and play originally comes from the IT sector, but fits perfectly with the Eco Module approach. Translated into German, it simply means "plug in and start playing".

What does this mean for your Eco Module house?

After selecting and ordering your Eco Module, it doesn’t matter whether basic, Premium or individual After production at the supplier, we load it onto a truck and deliver it to your property. Depending on the size of your house and the local conditions, this can be done in one piece.

Upon delivery, your Eco Module is simply placed by the truck on the point foundation prepared on site and connected to the installation lines for water, waste water and electricity, which are also installed on site. Extensive on-site assembly is therefore no longer necessary for you as a customer.

After connecting to the laid lines, your Eco Module house is ready to be inhabited or used as required. For your modular house, plug and play means – turn off, connect and use/ live!

Plug & Play using an example

Our construction of the model house in Peterswald in the Hunsrück in fast forward.