Eco Basic

Our Eco Basics are the basic models of our modular houses. They are ideal for use as a holiday home or so-called second home. The focus here is not on year-round use as with ours premium models.

The basic models are based on double-glazed windows and infrared underfloor heating. Starting at a price of 80,000 euros, our basic models are available in the smallest version including kitchen and bathroom.

You can also order your Eco Basic in a full version including complete equipment from floors to lights and furniture.

✓ All water and waste water connections are prepared
✓ Double glazed windows
✓ A single leaf standard door to the terrace
✓ Thermal insulation panels
✓ External facade spruce
✓ Floor in the main room: OSB panels or spruce boards
✓ Floor in the bathroom: OSB panels or spruce boards
✓ Interior wall paneling: spruce
✓ Infrared floor heating
✓ Complete kitchen
✓ Complete bathroom